I don’t see all components on my screen in some DMP 2003 modules?

DMP 2003 has been designed for high resolution screens. You need to setup monitor resolution at 1024 by 768 pixels. If this option does not work, please download en re-install the software.

How can I test the DMP 2003 version when DMP 2002 is installed?

The DMP 2003 version will be installed in different folders on your computer and create it’s own shortkeys. Data from older versions is not affected by this installation.

Does DMP 2003 convert my data from older versions?

Yes, the DMP 2003 version will be installed in different folders on your computer. Before you start DMP 2003 copy the DATA folder from previous versions to the new installation DATA folder. Start your software and choose in menu option Databases the Reindex data files option.

Why does my Digital Audio Copy Tool not see my CD player?

If you do not have an ASPI manager installed you can download one here. This driver is needed to use our DMP Digital Audio Copy Tool.

Do I need to buy a new licence for upgrading to DMP Studio / Basic?

Yes, registered users have to upgrade at special upgrade price. All BASIC features are available with your previous DMP 2002 version licence upgrade.

Where can I download the DMP 2003 Software?

You can find the software download link in your email box, so leave a valid email address on the download page

I ordered my software but did not receive the licence info

The fastest way to register your software is using the menu item Help / Register feature in your DMP 2003 software. Download the free software and start using the system. After registration you will receive your activation key within the next 24 hours.

Why does the request option not work on your demo page?

Make sure port 81 is not blocked by your firewall since we use that port to communicate with our demo radio station.

Is there a way I can link my broadcast to my webpage?

Please download our user manual to find out how to integrate your radio station to your website.

How do I broadcast?

In order to broadcast to a running SHOUTcast server, you will need the SHOUTcast Source for Winamp DSP Plug-in, a piece of software which adds SHOUTcast broadcast ability to the DMP 2003 software. The DSP Plug-in acts as a bridge between your DMP 2003 software and a SHOUTcast DNAS server (which you or a friend need to be running to broadcast). To obtain the latest copy of the plugin, please click here.