The Different Types Of Employee Drug marquis test kit marquis test kit In Today’s Workplace

In today’s workplace, employers look forward to a workplace that thrives in solidarity, trust, and above all, healthy both physically and mentally.

In order for one’s employees to effectively function in their duties, they should be mentally and physically fit – not under the influence of alcohol or substance abuse per se. As such, each company conducts different forms of drug testing through marquis test kit to test their employees’ fitness.

Drug Testing Types

  1. Pre-employment Drug Test
  • Helps employer make an effective hiring decision
  • Increases the safety of a workplace to its employees.
  • Saves company from paying for health insurance premiums, compensation, and medical treatment due to addiction-related incidents.
  1. Random Drug Test
  • This is the company’s random checking on their employees without prior notice about the testing.
  • An effective tool that prevents drug abuse among its employees, creating a safe and secure working environment.
  • Provides accurate and reliable results using onsite urine and saliva test kits. This wims cilabs is great source of marquis test kit.
  1. Reasonable Suspicious Drug Test
  • Done when the employer believes one of their employees is using drugs.
  • Done after observing the following parameters:
  1. Patterns of drug use
  2. Symptoms of working under the influence
  3. Arrest, or
  4. Conviction of drug abuse
  5. Proven evidences (reports from reliable sources, evidence of tampering drug results, abnormal conduct, and direct observation of drug use)
  • Helps confirm the doubt on an employee’s drug abuse
  1. Post-Accident Drug Test
  • Done after an employee meets an accident or injury at work
  • Done to determine if the cause of the accident is due to alcohol or drug usage by the concerned employee
  1. Return To Duty Drug Test
  • Performed once the employee reports back for duty after reporting as positive for drug or alcohol abuse and attendance to a rehabilitation program.
  1. Follow-up Drug Test
  • Done on employees returning back to work to determine if they are still addicted to alcohol or drugs
  • Done in a random manner, but is done as a compulsory test on the employee

So, do not be afraid of these types of drug tests. As long as you have a clean conscience, just go along with it.